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The AMA Insurance plan underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company goes to great lengths to try and manipulate the true meaning of the term "OWN SPECIALTY."  

If you visit the AMA Insurance Agency Website, you'll notice how they have chosen their words very carefully.  They Describe Own Specialty coverage as a replacement of income if a "covered illness or injury prevents you from working."  They go on to further describe Own Specialty by saying it "can pay benefits if you're unable to work in your own medical specialty, even if you have the ability to work in another field of medicine."

The AMA Policy defines Total Disability (Own Specialty) by saying:

"Covered Total Disability is an incapacity from an INJURY, SICKNESS or ORGAN DONATION that completely and continuously prevents the INSURED PERSON from doing the material and substantial duties of his or her Regular Occupation, provided he or she is not engaged in an alternate occupation for which he or she is qualified by education training or experience, for pay or profit."


The AMA policy does not force you to go back to work even if you have the ability to work in another field of medicine but, that doesn't make it an Own Specialty Disability Product, simply because it does not allow you to choose to work in another occupation for pay or profit while still collecting your disability benefit. 

"If your Disability Policy restricts your ability to work in another occupation while you are collecting your full disability benefit - it is not an Own Specialty Disability Plan."

True Own Specialty Disability Insurance

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True Own Specialty Disability

True Own Specialty Disability Insurance Defines a Total Disability as a disability from a sickness or injury that prevents you from performing the material and substantial duties of your Specialty.  

"With a True Own Specialty Disability Policy, you are still considered totally disabled even if you are gainfully employed in another occupation."

Physicians Beware of the AMA Disability Insurance Plan

If you are a Physician, Own Specialty Disability Insurance is a must-have.  And currently, there are only 6 insurance carriers that offer this benefit:

  • Ameritas

  • Guardian

  • MassMutual

  • Ohio National

  • Principal 

  • The Standard

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